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Kirby(Right,Sandile Left.)

Description== Kirby is a mellow fellow that enjoys running through lush fields of flowers.He only knows to say" pie","Pie-hi" and "Pie-o".But on some special occasions he will speak english saying simple words or short sentances. He is a judge on Poke-Idol and plays the role of Paula Abdule. Despite Sandiles cruel treatment of Kirby, Kirby does not tend to be annoyed by this since most of the time he is oblivious to whats going on around him. Kirby is very friendly and uses the element and crest of Friendship to fight the powers of darkness.




-Yo Pansage!where are those herbs!I NEED THEM NOWWWWW!NOT THE NEXT MILENIUM!

-It was so beautiful...

-Wait why did my voice go that high?Maybe its because I had some candy...

-May Jaken please come down to the stage area....please.

-Sandile...They are too strong! Resistance is futile!!!!


-His favorite food is Pie.

-He is a skilled invisible chef being able to make an invisible pie out of nothing.

-When cooking an invisible pie he tends to go a little overboard going to the extent where he will yell for no reason.

-Being a newbie to Sandjitsu he is not as good as Sandile but utilizing more of the defensive side of Sandjitsu he is able to withstand Sandiles heavy attacks.

-Wielding the element of Friendship, Kirby bolsters his teams defense.